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Boost Your Oral Health with a Dentist in Geelong

If you brush your teeth twice and floss at least once every day, you've given your mouth a great foundation for lifelong oral health. However, if you want to give your teeth their best chance at staying healthy, you need to attend regular visits at a professional dental practice. Schedule an appointment with the team at Geelong Dental & Implant Centre when you need a dentist in Geelong.

For over 38 years, we have served the Geelong area with comprehensive dental services. Our team focuses on consistent and compassionate patient care, and we use only leading-edge technology and materials. And although our reputation stems primarily from our skill as an implant centre, you can depend on us for a variety of other dental services as well.

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Our Dentists in Geelong

Whether you are a mature adult or you belong to a family with young children, Geelong Dental & Implant Centre has the expertise to serve you. We take pride in all our work, and we strive to provide the highest level of service as we perform the following:

  • Implant, crown, bridge or veneer services
  • Denture services
  • Mouth guard services
  • Restorative dentistry
  • Children's and family dentistry
  • Digital dentistry, including digital impressions and CEREC manufacturing
  • Cleanings, fillings, extractions and other basic procedures
  • Root canal treatment
  • Dental trauma management

Regardless of which service you require, our dentists can help you feel comfortable. We have experience with nervous patients both young and old.

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If you would like to experience service from one of Australia's foremost implant centres, call us on 03 5223 2833 to book an appointment today.