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A dental crown can be an excellent way to restore a badly damaged and weakened tooth. It will protect the tooth, replacing lost structure and strength. You might need a dental crown if you have a badly decayed or heavily filled tooth. Dental crowns are frequently used to protect teeth after root canal therapy.


One of the best parts of summer is taking a vacation and enjoying the beautiful weather. While summer vacations are a lot of fun, they also tend to make keeping your dental hygiene routine difficult. If you plan to travel this summer, make sure to keep your gums and teeth healthy by regularly brushing and flossing while you’re away from home.

Here are some additional tips to make practicing dental hygiene a little easier while traveling.


You've probably brushed your teeth nearly every morning and night since you can remember. In fact, brushing feels so natural that you feel uncomfortable when you skip a session. You may even feel self-conscious or embarrassed about your mouth until you've given it a thorough clean.

But before you pat yourself on the back for establishing such a good habit, take a few minutes to assess your technique. The following mistakes could negatively affect the health of your smile and leave you vulnerable to damage.


Although traditional Holiday feasts give you lots of opportunities to socialise, they also give you plenty of chances to ruin your teeth. From hard snacks that chip your teeth to softer sweets that lead to cavities, your teeth may face a variety of foods that could leave them a little worse for wear.

Rather than eat anything and everything and hope for the best, you can make smart choices about what foods you indulge in during the holidays. The following swaps are a great place to start if you want to protect your teeth.


As a parent, you care deeply about your child's happiness and safety. You provide him or her with an education, flu shots and social interaction.

You understand how important it is to establish a strong foundation for your child's future. But have you thought about how to keep their teeth healthy?

Many children don't particularly love going to the dentist, and your experience there can be less than ideal when your young one throws a tantrum-or at least feels uncomfortable. The reason for this fear comes in part from dental fillings.

These common procedures remedy dental cavities, but they also cause young children to panic. To keep your child's teeth healthy and strong-and to make your next trip to the dentist a positive one-read the following five tips to prevent cavities.


You and your teeth have a love-hate relationship. You love that your teeth help you eat and speak. But you hate adjusting your meals to minimise pain.

For example, you love nothing more than to sip a coca cola on a hot summer day. But you hate requesting no ice. Or you thoroughly enjoy a fresh slice of pizza straight out of the oven, but you hate waiting for that pizza to cool before you take a bite.

Tooth sensitivity can happen for a variety of reasons, including the ones listed below. Fortunately, you don't have to live with the pain for long when you make the right changes.


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