At Geelong Dental and Implant Centre we strive to ensure that all of our patients are comfortable, especially our kids. All children will be greeted by name at reception and made to feel welcome. Colouring pages, puzzles and books are available to your children in the waiting room.  

We put aside extra time for children so that we can get to know them and help them to feel comfortable with their dental experience. At the end of the dental exam, your child will be given a goody bag to take home.

Unfortunately, sometimes, despite the best efforts of parents, kids get holes in their teeth. This can be caused by ‘nannas secret lolly stash’ or the ‘yes I brushed my teeth.’ At Geelong Dental and Implant Centre we aim to inform you and your child of the causes of decay and how best to prevent them.

Some preventative measures may be fissure seals which stop food catching in the chewing surfaces of the teeth. It also may include oral hygiene instruction and dietary advice. We encourage children to visit us for regular 6-monthly check-ups from an early age as we believe that prevention is better than cure.

We also encourage parents to role play a dental visit at home as early as possible so children will know what is going to happen at their appointment. This can take a lot of the anxiety out of the first visit for a child. While using the dentist as a scare tactic to get your children to brush properly may work at home, it will also impact negatively on their visit with us, so try to avoid doing this.

In extreme circumstances, where a child requires multiple fillings and we feel that it would be beneficial, we may suggest a sedation procedure so when your child wakes up, everything is complete.

Our experienced dentists endeavour to provide a pleasant experience for both you and your children.