At Geelong Dental & Implant Centre we have invested in the latest Cerec technology available to bring you the ultimate comfort and precision dentistry.

Digital dentistry has revolutionised the process used to make crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays.

Uncomfortable and unpleasant impressions are no longer required. Replacing the need for impressions is a digital scan using our on-site Cerec machine. It's faster, non invasive and precise. The digital scan is uploaded direct to CAD software, enabling the dentist to build your new crown, bridge, inlays and onlays in real time. The CAD software presents dentists with unparalleled options - we can even make edits 'on the go' to provide the ultimate result in both aesthetics and precision dentistry.

Our on-site Cerec mill precisely manufactures your new tooth in under 20 minutes - Ready to be fitted in the same visit. The composite material used to make your tooth replicates the natural structure and feel of a natural tooth with the added confidence of excellent strength and reliability.

Forget everything you know about visits to the dentist. Digital Dentistry offers comfort, speed and accuracy -as never seen before.

Another addition is our OPG and CT scanner. This onsite facility allows us to instantly have full diagnostic information at your appointment. Rather than requiring us to send you to an external imaging centre and get you back for a second consultation with your scan, we can now do this in the one visit, saving you time.

Digital OPG and Cone Beam Scanner
Digital OPG and Cone Beam Scanner
Copy of Images from Scanner
Copy of images from scanner
digital milling unit
Milling unit
Burs milling a crown from block of porcelain
Burs milling a crown from block of porcelain
Cerec Machine
Cerec machine
Patient scan with Cerec Machine
Patient scan with Cerec machine